Arianrhod (aris_faerietale) wrote in i_kiss_girls,

responses would e greatly appreciated

making plans for my morning show next i figure ill put this out thereand see what you guys think,

what makes for a good morning show?
what do you like to listen to? varying degrees of the you like interviews ....contests...sound bites.....let me curious..i want this to be the best it could ever be!!1

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Any live intro band is cool. Interveiws are cool as long as the person is not only trying to make you go see there new movie. Maybe introduce a new "up and coming" band. contests are cool of the people at home have a chance to win... like the Live w/ Regius and Kelli morning show. Talk is good, along with the news of today is in it but the Iraq thing should be a minority... if we wanted to know about that we'd watch CNN.... well thats some input from a 17 yr old.
PS Sound btes are good if there not over done.