stewartwillburn (theblackfettish) wrote in i_kiss_girls,

Random poem I just made up. tell me what you think.. love to all.

I'm feeling in random poetry mode..
I catch your hand again,
The thing I've been wanting to do for ages,
My heart races,
And the rollercoaster in my head runs riot.

We get looks from people
Maybe hatred, maybe jelousy
Sometimes smiles.
They don't really understand my love for you.

The first time I kissed those painted black lips of yours
I shot up into the sky like a rocket
Catching the stars on my way up
Nothing can stop me now.

Kiss me! Kiss me! Kiss me again!
My hands on your face stroking your milky skin
I look deep into your eyes
And I feel my whole body warming up

I can still remember the way you looked that night
The reflections from your dress, sparkling
Onto our floor of glass in that beautiful moonlight
Two people touching lips, hands on each other's hips

We waltz through the air,
Never let this feeling end
Just hold me tight, and let me whisper to you
Never let me go, as I hold onto you forever.

Every memory of you, stored carefully away
I remember your face when I put that necklace round your neck
I remember that you flung your arms around me
Please don't ever let me go.

Spending days in bed
Watching the stars through the window
Laying in each others arms
The feel of your body against mine

All so many memories that will never be lost.
I remember every smile
Every word
All of you.

Still we go out again,
Into the town, have some fun
Still we get stared at.
And I know it's because you're beautiful.

But mostly it's because
Not many people really understand
Our choices in life
Our same-sex relationship.
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